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The Rally Team is composed of the Managing Director Mr. Manolis Kouloumas and 10 skilled mechanics, very familiar with the car and with more than 10 years of experience in Rally sport.  All of them has been trained specially for dismantling and reassembling all parts of the Rally-Car.  Two of them are electronic engineers specially trained also on all electronic devices on the car and engine programming.


The service cars of the team are three large vans for transporting all necessary items, like tires, petrol, spare parts, tool etc., fixing any possible damages on the car.  The fourth van is a small and quick van which is called "Chase car" and will be driven by the Chief Mechanic and the Team Manager and will be outside of every special stage to check and guide all the other service team for the rally car preparation during the rally.  All service vans can be painted according to the sponsors colours and signs for publicity and advertising purposes.